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harnesses & Dresses

Harnesses & Harness Dresses are custom made in any fabric. They are lined & have Velcro closures at the neck & chest. Optional leash ring. Other embellishments available.


Prices start @ $24

shirts & sweatshirts

Shirts are made of either fleece, flannel or knit. Sweatshirts are made of fleece and have a pocket and optional hood.


Prices start @ $22 for Shirts & $26 for Sweatshirts

jammies & “Dino-Jams”

Jammies & the very popular

“DINO-JAMS” are made of fleece, flannel or knit. Cuffs, collar & “Spikes” can be either a complimentary or contrasting fabric or color. Optional leash ring.

Prices start @ $24


Coats can be either two-legged or four-legged. They are made of fleece, corduroy or flannel, and can be lined with any of these choices as well. They have a belt with a Velcro closure and optional button embellishment. Choose either a complimentary or contrasting color for the Cuffs & Collar. Optional leash ring.

Prices start @ $30

Rain jackets

Rain jackets can be two-legged, four-legged or made as a wrap.  All have a Velcro belt closure with optional button embellishment.  We use colorful waterproof slicker material and they are lined with your choice of fleece or flannel for warmth. Optional hood and snood.


Prices start @ $34

Additional $4 per Item for Faux Fur

Team Fabrics by Special Request