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shirts & sweatshirts

Shirts are made of either fleece, flannel or knit. Sweatshirts are made of fleece and have a pocket and optional hood.


Prices start @ $24 for Shirts & $28 for Sweatshirts

jammies & “Dino-Jams”

Jammies & the very popular “DINO-JAMS” are made of fleece, flannel or knit. Cuffs, collar & “Spikes” can be either a complimentary or contrasting fabric or color. Optional leash ring.

Prices start @ $26


Coats can be either two-legged or four-legged. They are made of fleece, corduroy or flannel, and can be lined with any of these choices as well. They have a belt with a Velcro closure and optional button embellishment. Choose either a complimentary or contrasting color for the Cuffs & Collar. Optional leash ring.

Prices start @ $32



harnesses & Dresses

Harnesses & Harness Dresses are custom made in any fabric. They are lined & have Velcro closures at the neck & chest. Optional leash ring. Other embellishments available.


Prices start @ $25

Additional $4 per Item for Faux Fur

Team Fabrics by Special Request